When searching online unless your brand name is already of high value people will search using keywords and phrases, if you are not optimised for those words your site simply will not appear. This means the chances of you selling your service or product to that customer is almost never going to happen.

We strongly believe SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should focus on KPI’s and is not just about driving more traffic to your website. After all what good is a 20% increase in traffic to your website if it does not purchase or convert into a potential lead?


Our overall goal with managed SEO is to deliver quality well researched traffic to your website increasing your sales and conversion rate. We measure this against your own KPI’s such as enquiry form submittals, e-commerce sales and downloads. We work with you from the outset to understand your business and the way it works to help deliver quality traffic from managed SEO campaigns.


One of the first questions we will ask is – What is your goal?

We ensure that from this point on we not only help you to understand the full process of SEO but also the details behind how we will measure it moving forwards. We do this because these are the factors which matter the most to your business.

SEO strategy is not an overnight process which can be deemed successful after a matter of weeks, the process constantly evolves along with the search engines and their algorithms. We can also provide expert support and strategies for Adobe Business Catalyst SEO.


seo strategy The most important consideration for your ongoing digital marketing strategy, is ensuring your website is technically sound, search engine friendly and keyword rich to leverage rankings and improve your customers journey and conversion rate. The vast majority of click-throughs via search engine results are natural (organic), This makes it more than worth the time and investment required to ensure this is setup effectively,providing your business with the best possible results from a search engine optimisation strategy.

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There are over 200 signals that search engines can use to analyse your websites content before ranking it into its SERP’s (Search engine result pages). These signals include title tags, sitemaps, authority, the use of keywords and friendly navigation. The signals do not stop on your website, you also have to consider off-page factors which can include links to and from your website and social media. There are many individual signals which can be worked on and improved to improve your SERP ranking and website visibility.

we love what we doOur SEO strategy ensures your website is thoroughly maintained and improved upon. We will produce website and competitor analysis reports, continually monitor the keyword rankings swell as update your website, keeping you one step ahead of your online competition. We are in regular contact with you via the telephone and email, offering support, monthly progress reports as well as providing information on new SEO updates including the major updates to Google and other search engines.

We can work on website’s SEO strategy regardless of the system or CMS it is built using, including WordPress, Magento and Adobe Business Catalyst.

We are confident that we can improve your websites natural search engine positioning and deliver conversions via these visitors, whilst becoming competitive against your key competition online.